Summer time is around the corner and it’s a beautiful time of year to just relax and to take things slow. Enjoy your family and friends, take it easy and perhaps go on vacations. Staying up late is fun, singing songs around the campfire is amazing and embracing the going with the flow is magical. If you have kids, then it’s a nice break from making endless school lunches, waking up early and of course, driving them to school safely.

For me, being a mom… summer breaks are a much-welcomed time of year.  No more alarm clocks. No waiting in drop off or pickup lines. Just my own schedule and my own rules. Yes, I have the kids around more but the gains from it, far out weight the trying to figure out things for them to do. We can thank Pinterest for that! 😊

But summer time shouldn’t be an excuse to throw your goals out the window and throw caution to the wind. So many women get caught up in this feeling of

freedom that they end up 20 lbs. heavier at the end of it all. But that doesn’t have to be your story.

Of course, you still want to lose weight or perhaps look as good as possible in that swim suit this summer. But that doesn’t mean you have to do that in misery while you watch everyone else around you eating what they want or enjoying multiple adult beverages. You can still feel free and still be in control happily all summer long.

You can easily make your goals, enjoy some good food and partake in some drinks with friends along with great conversation. Losing weight doesn’t have to be all or nothing, that is only a mindset and that is what holds you back. Holding you in this pattern of weight loss and weight gain, merely because you want to live life and not be slave to a diet 24/7. Weight loss can be fun…even in the summer time.

What Gives?

When it comes to weight loss, we are programmed to think that it must be the worst experience ever. That it is a sacrifice.  That we have to give up all that we love and be deprived, as long as we are losing the weight. But we forget that diets are supposed to be a catalyst to a new way of life…not a quick fix.

For me, that was always my immediate thought.   “I will just eat like this for a time, drop that 20 lbs. and be happy…” But I always thought that I had to give up everything I loved and so I planned my weight loss (diets) around not having birthdays or fun events because of this. Plus, it’s not like diets teach you how to balance life.  And that includes understanding how to still drink alcohol or adult beverages while continuing to lose weight.

But I want to make sure that you understand, that you can most certainly…make your weight loss goals AND enjoy an evening out with the girls or your other half, while still losing weight any time of the year. Yes, even summer time!

You just need to know how.  So today, I want to share with you some information about alcoholic beverages, weight loss and how to position yourself to lose weight while not being left out. While having drinks but more importantly while still losing weight. There doesn’t have to be a one or the other option. There can be both!

So, without further ado…

What You Need To Know First

The facts that you need to be aware of before we can start talking about drinking and still losing weight, is that drinking can increase appetite.  So yes, drinking alone (empty stomach) can totally cause cravings and if you aren’t aware (but you will be if you stick with me) then it can create a host of weight gaining experiences instead of weight loss.

Especially when we are drinking and surrounded with foods that aren’t really healthy. You know the typical bar foods or party foods.  And when we are drinking and feeling freer, we also tend to make not so great choices.  Trust me. Been there done that, so don’t beat yourself up if that happens. Just be aware of it and try and make the better choices when you can but move on and understand this is a possibility.

What I do, is I make a pact with myself and my husband if he is around, so that he can help me to make better choices knowing that is what I am asking from him. So, he will know (you can also ask a friend to do this too) to not offer or buy me foods that aren’t in align with my goals. This helps lessen the possibility for a worst-case scenario.

If I know ahead of time that I am going to have some drinks while out or going to a party, I will either order food prior to drinks or eat before I go out.  This helps me to just nix that possibility right out of the gate.  It can for you too.

It would also be irresponsible for me to not mention that drinking obviously isn’t a health practice.  I think we all know it’s not ideal but it’s a part of life and I am all about enjoying life and sometimes apart of that enjoyment, is having some drinks. I do. But it does have effects that are negative on the body.

But you are an adult. You are in charge of your own body and life and so my caveat, is to know your health. Know where you are and make the right choice for you at any given time.  Alcohol can irritate the gut lining and can weaken the liver and kidneys. When it comes to the gut, it will affect digestion which can then impact weight loss and metabolism.

What you may not also know, is that alcohol takes priority over other fuel sources like fat, carbs or even protein.  So, when it is present in your body, the body chooses to not burn fat.  That doesn’t mean fat loss is stopped, it is just on hold until the alcohol is used up. This is because it can’t be stored like sugar (glycogen) in the body.

So…also, with that said, if you have maybe a hardcore goal to hit that you can’t be derailed from, then perhaps a better idea is to hold off on enjoying alcohol until after it is hit or the event etc. But if you are like I was, living life and in it to win it…meaning weight loss for life, then you know it’s a journey and that its more important to live freely than obsess and be miserable.

Now That You Know

Now that we have that out of the way, which you may be like how the hell do I move forward knowing of that crazy stuff!? Well, now that you have an understanding of the whole situation, which I feel is vital…because you need to know in order to make the right choice for you.  You can then position yourself better when going out or when trying to aim toward a hardcore goal.

This is why I am committed to always sharing with you, the understanding of how your body works, so that you can go forward and make the right choice for you and your life from here on out. Because I know myself, I want to still enjoy drinks and celebrations while creating health in my life. But because I have a solid foundation of knowing that weight loss isn’t linear and that I would rather laugh and chill out with friends, I am ok with a pause toward my goal if that happens at all.

In my experiences, my weight loss only stalled for a day or two before picking back up. But the scale doesn’t give you the whole story.  The measuring is and weight loss, unless you go on a weeklong binge of drinking, it won’t interfere with your goal of weight loss for life or that 30 lbs. you are just journeying through.

But really, at the end of the day, when we know how things act in our body, we can then, based on our own goals, make the best choice or decision (at that time) versus not knowing and making the choice blindly.  And that is what this whole article is to do. Because you can still, easily lose weight and enjoy drinks over the summer…you just need to know what will happen and how to optimize for your best results.

What Drinks Are Best?

You want to steer clear of drinks that are all based on sugar. Drinks with mixers are the first to say no to, unless they are seltzer waters that have no sugar in them. My favorite mixer is La Croix because of all the awesome flavors and choice of drinks you can make based on the flavor combinations.

So, if you know that the drink is sweet or you ask and they use simple syrup, you are going to want to ask for the syrup to be left out or just find a better option. Even cream liquors are not your friends or eggnog due to the added sugars in them.

If you want other mixing options, then tomato juice mixers would also be a better choice but hard alcohol is a good choice solo because it has no sugar (unless it’s not pure) and you can drink it on the rocks and be just fine. My favorite is whiskey. What’s yours?

So beyond mixed drinks which can easily be weight loss busters, so can beer. And I am a beer lover personally, so if you are too, then this is what you need to be aware of. You are going to want to choose the lower carb beers that have less of the sugar known as maltose. You may notice that when you drink beer that they are super filling and can make you feel super bloated too but for me, the lighter beers make me feel that less.

So, find the beers that are lighter in color and also marketed as light or low carb, which will be a better option for you to choose.  Wine, if you like it is really the best choice but I am not a fan personally.  They are the best choice because it is lowest in calories, which although I didn’t mention calories here because I think that isn’t less important than the sugars, you just get more wine for less calories resulting in less consumed over all.

The better choices of wine are of course the less sweet types. Which most whites are sweeter than reds, so that is a good indication of the way in which you choose right off but not always true.  The best way to choose, is to choose dry wines and then you will be sure to be making the best choice without much thought.  And with that said, sweet or desert wines are going to be out.

But at the end of the day, again, it’s your choice and if you choose a drink that is mixed and sweet awesome. If you choose a desert wine and enjoy every sip, even better. The point of life is to enjoy it. Love the company around you and more importantly love yourself.  But if weight loss is a top goal and priority that you desire then knowing how to choose better options is key.

What Now?

Now that you are an alcohol pro and understand how to add it into your life, still losing weight, and not over doing it, you can go along with your weight loss journey feeling confident in your choices.  It is worse to make choices, have no clue about what is to come and then expect results.

I would rather know the whole story and make a choice from that vantage point than taking a stab in the dark and I am willing to be you are too. Even if you had a drink once a week you will still lose weight and be able to enjoy life and the summer. Even if you had a drink a few times a week you would still be ok.

Just take the information I have given you in the guide / blog article and run with it. But I am always here for you…rooting for your success and excited to see you make your goals. And if you need extra support then I am here…get on my calendar and book a free session with me now by clicking HERE. I can coach you to your goal while you still are enjoying your drinks and having summer fun!

Again, there doesn’t have to be a choice, between living life and losing weight… you can have both and I am proof of that! Be blessed and until next time…

With Nourishing Love,