There are SO many articles and posts on social media about which foods you should eat or which ones do this or do that, and you are probably then sitting there like WTH.  And then end up being overwhelmed and unsure about what to even do…and therefore you do nothing.

I know, because that was me once upon a time. I was always overwhelmed by all of the latest information and just when I thought I had a handle on it…something else would come about and I would be back to square one.

The thing I learned however, after becoming a holistic nutritionist, is that it’s important to always know the basics. The basics never change, the research just gets better at supporting them over and over again. Even in the midst of the “latest fads”.

So today I want to share with you the foods you need to eat for weight loss.

Easily termed “weight loss promoting foods”. The real foods. Not the latest fad shakes, bars, cookies etc. These are foods that will always help you to lose weight and if you understand these basics, it’s easy to just get going with them.

Because you can easily make meals around them and then BAM goals attained and you feel amazing!! I want you to feel amazing every day.

So which foods help you to get you those results you are trying so hard to get? 

Healthy fats. Fat doesn’t make you fat.  They actually make hormones that you need in your body. So, when we eat low fat, we don’t have enough to actually make certain hormones like estrogen, progesterone etc. And this is VITAL for children. But for you, by eating healthy fats you lower the insulin response in your body.

And that, leads to eating less and less craving which ALL leads to weight loss. So, eat foods like avocados, coconut oil, grass fed butter, olives, nuts, whole eggs (no they won’t kill you), fatty fish like salmon, chia seeds and more.

Put ALSO, protein is needed. Actually, essential because protein makes up A LOT of our hormones that you need to help you lose weight, such as human growth hormone, and your thyroid hormones TS4 and TS3. So, you need to be eating good quality sources of protein as well. And those are grass fed meats, cod, snapper, eggs, beans etc. 

Now, you may have noticed I didn’t mention carbohydrates first but those aren’t essential like fat and proteins are nor for weight loss. That doesn’t make them bad in fact eating the RIGHT ones are good in combination with other nutrients…but they aren’t essential like the other two are.

So, if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Know how to eat these in the right combinations for you.  That is why working with someone is amazing because you can get the right ratios for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get results on your own.

My suggestion is start slow and low. By adding in more healthy fats and lowering the processed carbs in your diet.  That is a wonderful way to head in the right direction without being overwhelmed.  Knowing these foods are healthier or promote weight loss, doesn’t mean you need to go overboard either.

Our society is obsessed with knowing what a fat burning food is and then eating it in mass quantities thinking the more the better and that is farthest from the truth.  All things in balance and the part you need right now, is just where to begin.

And that beginning is starting slow and low and then progress in your journey from there.  Even if you just started trading healthy fats for processed carbs, you would see a change.

And if you want extra support, I am always just an email or a message away. I will keep offering FREE 30 min sessions to help you understand further, what may be holding you back from the weight loss you deserve. Don’t hesitate contact me to schedule one now. It’s all for your success.

With Nourishing Love,