We have all tried a diet or two in our lifetime.  Me personally, I have done millions of them. Searching, and looking for just the right one.  Like a soulmate or something.  And from those millions, I have failed them all on different levels.  I have done some longer than others and yet none worked long term for me.  It drove me nuts trying to figure out why.

Why I had to be the overweight girl who just couldn’t get it right. Couldn’t get her shit together. Couldn’t stop having to worry about weight loss so that I could simply enjoy my life.  And from that arose who I am today. Where I am today. Helping women the way I do today.

And as I have come to know many different women, inside my work and out, a common theme comes about as to why I failed, why they fail and I am willing to bet why you do too.


So today, I wanted to share with you these 5 Diet Fails but I turn them into successes. So that YOU can have a chance to learn, grow and get the weight loss results you desire.

So, understand them as they apply to you.  If you take the time you will see.  See how they undermine your weight loss and then fix them using the suggestions I give. And I will be here for you the entire time.

  1. Cravings. They always did me in.  As soon as I started a diet…BAM I craved chocolate cake, ice cream, candy…you name it!!  What I eventually learned is that cravings aren’t always what they seem to be.  Yes, they will bug this crap out of you and make you feel like a demon took over your body, but I promise, there is more than meets the eye. What you want to do is take your attention from the wanting to eat everything and identify the craving(s). What is it that you need?  More than likely, you aren’t aware of something, like that you are tired and just need some sleep. Or maybe you need some time out for yourself.  Cravings are usually from something deeper. So, find out what and give yourself what you really need…outside the realm of food. Stop covering it up and burying the reason. Listen to your body! Food is rarely the real issue.
  2.  Hunger. Hunger is a big reason we fail a diet because we just aren’t getting enough food (energy) and if you say, follow a 1200 calorie diet, which is so typical for a diet based on weight loss, then hunger is a real issue. PLUS the foods that diet plans give you, aren’t the best quality of food and set you up for a poor insulin response.  Which also leads to more cravings from being so hungry and deprived. So, start your day with a balanced meal made up of healthy carbs, quality proteins and healthy fats to keep hunger on the down low AND even keep calories in check! It’s a win win! Plus, when you eat a balanced meal, you also won’t crash and burn from being on the sugar roller coaster all day. It all leads to better weight loss successes for you in the end.
  3. Deprivation. This is when we are starving ourselves due to the changes of lifestyle (what we physically eat daily) or depriving ourselves of enough food, which I see happen all the time. The NOT feeding our bodies what it needs to run…like move or even your heart beating and breathing etc…, from calorie restriction and thus nutrients.  This will not only start your mindset going downward but also, lead you to over eating (binges) and all of this stems from this place of deprivation first.  If your brain goes into the whole mindset trap state from being deprived, then that will also lead to emotional deprivation too. Which then goes to not feeling worthy of weight loss and all that other self-talk that’s not productive or healthy for us to say and even hear. We also start feeling less than confident. Self-sabotage pretty much. So, start slow with changes. Seek sustainability through the small steps and feel less deprived overall. Much better. Much more successful.
  4. Social Pressure. This is one that would also do me in because I would be on a diet and then all of a sudden unlike ever before, everyone would invite me out to eat.  It’s like God or the universe testing me in my decision almost, or so it felt. I would go out to eat. Go out for drinks. Go out for a date etc. AND I would be so tempted from being hungry and not wanting to feel deprived, that I would make a poor food decision.  How many of those have you made before?  Me, millions!  Nobody wants to be left out and not joining in on cake or burgers when everyone else is enjoying them in front of you. So instead of suffering with your salad and nixing the social pressure, make room for it all. Again, start slow and make small steps but instead, share a slice of cake or eat half the burger (half the bun/lettuce wrap even) and just feel included. Not deprived while holding to your dream (and goal) of that weight loss you have always desired AND honestly, need in order to feel even more amazing! You can claim it.  I do. We all feel better when we are feeling good about how we look.
  5. Emotions. Emotions as we have noted above play a big role.  For me especially, so true.  This feeds into the mindset I talk so much about, which…I see for myself and others as KEY. So never underestimate them.  Emotions can contribute to feeling upset and angry about having to be on a diet.  I know I got pissed about having to lose weight.  And you might say then why try?  Well, I hated the way I looked and wanted to change it so…only option at the time I thought…DIET.  Emotions can also be, not feeling good about yourself and beating yourself up and then of course that leads to those same above feelings, which can lead to either over eating (eating disorders even) or deprivation (starving ourselves intentionally).  So instead, get yourself into a good head space. Determine your why. Honor your wanting for the weight loss, even if you feel its shallow or vain. Start where you are and be OK with that. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and really just learn to love and respect your choice and make sure you want it for you. And just always be honest with yourself on the road to weight loss instead of hiding behind it. Also, get yourself an accountability partner. A friend or group in your office with the same goal. Groups move mountains and the sense of community can be amazing!

I hope that you were able to identity these in you and now feel even more inspired to go and do something about it.  But again, start slow. Tackle one thing at a time.  You have the rest of your life to get there (even though we wish it was over night) but Rome wasn’t built in a day and you my dear are fabulous so you need time to be erected too!

And if you need one on one support, from someone who knows this story. This struggle and still lives through it in different ways…I am just an email or Facebook message away. Have a most wonderful day.

With Nourishing Love,