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Hi, I’m Sabrina.  Wife, mom of 2, but also a personal trainer, behavior change specialist and holistic nutritionist.

I used to live my life going from diet to diet to diet. I finally broke free but only after 10 PLUS years of struggling daily with eating. Those daily struggles led me to being an emotional eater that I later uncovered as a binge eating disorder.

Like you, I’ve lost and gained the same 20-30 lbs. over and over again. So, I know what it feels like to be there again, having to start over yet again.  It is beyond frustrating, and it feel so hopeless.

I never thought that I would be able to find a way to lose the weight, keep it off and not look back. I never thought I would be able to feel in control over my eating. I always thought I would have to live my life hiding my binge eating from others. I thought struggling, was just “my luck of the draw.” in life.

But the very thing that I struggled with all of my life (trying to stick to a diet) was also the very thing that kept me in a cycle of binge eating and thinking shitty thoughts about myself. And after years upon years, dealing with my out of control eating, feeling defeated, having seriously negative self-talk PLUS feeling like something was so wrong with me…I finally decided that there just had to be a better way to lose the weight. There was just no way in hell, that I could survive off of chicken breast and salad for the rest of my life WHILE secretly eating all the junk in the pantry once everyone went to sleep.

I found that I craved flexibility. I craved freedom because diets just felt like bondage. I wanted to call the shots, not be trapped in a prison by food where there was no room for fun or unplanned dinning. I enjoy food and I didn’t want to feel ashamed of it. I wanted to enjoy living my life while being at a weight I was happy about, while NOT sabotaging myself by eating a pint of ice cream after a day of “being on point”.

So, I went back to school, I learned everything I could about women’s bodies… why we get fat, why we can lose it but can’t seem to keep it off and how our mindset plays the largest role of all.  And from that amazing journey came teaching women how to Undiet For Life.  Out of all my years of endless struggle, pain and suffering, I knew that my purpose was to help other women live their best life possible.

It is my absolute mission, really my obsession, to work one on one with women who struggle in the same ways that i did because I get you. I have walked that same walk myself and KNOW without a doubt I can help you too!

Working one on one with me not only can help you transform your body, but really your life, ALL while you fall back in love with your body and finally get those results that you have been struggling…yet dreaming to achieve.

I’m never going to be size 2… and that’s OK. Because when I was, I was miserable and NOT enjoying my life like I am now.

My deep desire is to teach you how to put away that damn diet mindset, embrace your awesomeness right now in this moment…regardless of what the number on the scale says or what the size of your jeans show. Those are just thoughts that aren’t serving you.

I have found a way to transform my entire life, my mindset, freeing myself from the damn diet roller coaster, WHILE losing the weight. BUT most importantly, while living my life without deprivation, starvation, or hiding my food wrappers deep down in the trash.

You don’t have to keep going around in circles, frustrated, beating yourself up, thinking you need YET AGAIN the next best diet or quick fix. If that actually worked you would already have the results you seek but you don’t…so what’s the next step? To get the results you have never had, you really do need to do what you have never done before. That sounds too simple, but it’s the exact thing you need to do.

But what else do I do? When I’m not teaching women how to transform their own lives and bodies while encouraging them to be their best self NOW? Well, you can usually find me learning, reading, spending time with my family, shopping, or grabbing a beer with my best girlfriend.

I have two young daughters who are my absolute world, and a wonderfully supportive husband whom I love more than life itself. They truly keep me grounded and reaching for the stars as I keep my sights focused on the big picture I see for our life.

I am a down to earth person (nothing fancy here), I just really love to learn and grow constantly, and laugh everyday. Life is too short to be too serious, to be less than your best, or to not encourage others to be theirs too.

Want to know more?

Here are 5 fun facts you might not know about me…

  1. I LOVE music…my most favorite genre is metal.
  2. I love my coffee and I drink it daily
  3. I only read self-help and personal development books
  4. I have a love affair with designer handbags
  5. I hate socks

If you are interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help you to get the results that you want for your life? Here’s what you need to do now…

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STOP with the diets. The quick fixes and embrace what you have never done before.