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I’m so excited that you are here! Are ready to finally learn how to lose the weight (again) BUT for the last time?  I teach women how to say good bye to “dieting”, feel awesome in their body right where they are AND finally gain control over food! Are you ready?



And while you are here, check out this awesome information that I know will help you.

Easy Peacamole Dip Recipe

We have all had guacamole. You can't miss it. It's amazingly good and of course good for you, unlike we had once thought. The days when we were afraid of fat BUT those days are long gone...or so I...

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Breakfast doesn't have to be this complicated, spending hours in the kitchen ordeal.  You can totally eat super well! Super healthy and balanced in less than 20 minutes! And if you have a kitchen...

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Why You Can’t Get There From Here

Are you struggling to lose weight?  Have you tried to lose weight a gazillion times, only to be met with gaining it all back?  AGAIN! Then you probably understand those feelings of defeat and...

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Joyous Almond Candies

I love coconut.  Not everyone in my household agrees but that is OK because I get to make these and enjoy them WAY longer that way.  This recipe is best when frozen and taken out as needed because you...

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Gluten Free Fudgy Non-Crispy Treats

We all know the original crispy treats that perhaps mom used to make. Sometimes with chocolate on top and sometimes even with peanut butter but 100% all marshmallow covered rice cereal. And now, they...

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